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Finding Genuine HCG Drops Reviews Online

In today’s post we are going to discuss about the importance of finding genuine HCG drops reviews online.

Why Do We Need HCG Drops Reviews?

Reading the review of a product before purchasing  allows the customer to understand the product better. The customer has his own expectations of a product. And whether his expectations are met or not can be determined only by reading reviews. If not, he has to buy the product and try personally.

The later option seems too risky. Hence, reading reviews before purchasing becomes important.

The HCG drop industry is filled with fake HCG drops which increases the importance of reviews. By reading HCG reviews you will come to know which drops are fake and which aren’t. You can also compare between pure HCG drops as to which are effective in weight loss. Not to mention you can look into the various offers and the cost effectiveness of HCG drops.

Where to Find HCG Drops Reviews?

There are several HCG Websites which offer HCG drops Reviews. There are even HCG forums which provide you the benefit of reviewing and discussing various hGC Drops. There is one problem. Most of them are affiliated one or other HCG brands. Their affiliation makes them in effective. Why? Because their affiliation makes their review biased.

If a certain HCG brand is paying $10k per month for promotion or to boost their sales then they are sure to promote that particular brand blindly. Of course, not all websites take this kind of bling approach. There are some, though affiliated, still provide a genuine reviews. But finding such sites are difficult. What we need is a website solely dedicated to reviewing HCG drops.

This is where HCG Police comes in. HCG Police provides Honest Unbiased HCG drops reviews. They do no have any affiliation with any network. They do not get paid for any sponsorship. They are just a website developed by a team of HCG diet drops users to help people find and choose the best HCG drops.

HCG Police reviews every HCG drop brand that comes in the market. They even personally use them for a month. After usage, they decide the effectiveness of the HCG drop product and provide a detailed review of the HCG brand.

By using HCG Police you are safe in the hands of trusted people wherein you can trust reviews.

Therefore, the next time you are thinking about where to find HCG drops reviews visit

Should You Exercise While on the HCG Diet?

Losing weight can be done through many ways. This can be either a method that reduces amount or calories taken in or a method that burns the calories already taken.

Good examples of these methods are HCG diet and exercise respectively. What about combining them? Should you exercise while you take the best HCG drops?

Here is a comprehensive look at this subject.

To exercise or not to exercise?

One of the promises of HCG diet is that one can lose weight with little or no exercise. This is why this diet is loved by people who detest physical activity. While some of the best drops used in the diet do deliver splendid results even without exercise, it is not to mean that one should not exercise while on the diet.

Dr. Simeons who can be called the father of the HCG diet recommended light exercises like biking and walking. According to him, vigorous exercises will lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. Though this may sound paradoxical, he explained that over-exertion in form of physical activity in people who are not well trained will lead to weight gain the next day after the activity.

Additional calories burned during the activity will not be eliminated well due to water retention and these are returned to the body stores. The muscle mass may be lost instead of fats which causes a decrease in the level of metabolism and hence slower weight loss.

Many proponents of the use of best HCG drops for weight loss nowadays recommend exercising but not vigorous. This is particularly very important during the HCG phase in which intake of the best HCG drops is coupled with a 500 calorie diet.

This is quite low calorific intake and it may not be enough to support the rigorous exercises. Also, vigorous physical activity increased hunger. This is because more energy is needed to fuel these exercises and the 500 calories plus the 1500 or so burned by the HCG may not be enough. These hunger pangs can force the dieter to deviate from the recommended diet. This will cause weight gain. Also, with exercise comes fatigue.

Fatigue is also associated with low calorific intake hence vigorous exercises combined with best HCG drops will lead to more fatigue. This can really affect a person’s way of life.

Recommended Exercises

Light exercises are recommended for all people on the HCG phase of the HCG diet. Some of the exercises that those using the best HCG drops can do include walking, yoga, cycling, swimming and lawn mowing.

If you already used to exercise before the exercise some exercises you can try include jogging, snow shovelling and other medium intensity workouts. High intensity workouts however should never be done.

These include triathlon, running, heavy weight training In some instances (not all) people who exercise while on the HCG diet tend to lose weight faster. However, they must only do the exercises that are recommended or else they will be seeing results at a slower rate. Some may even not lose weight at all. So be very careful.

What to do when you decide to exercise?

So you have decided that you will be doing mild exercises? Here are some things to do for best results. The first is to start small. Start with short exercises and monitoring how you feel. If you feel good then go on with the exercises but if you feel terrible while at it stop exercising.

What about after the exercise? Do you feel excessively hungry or fatigued? If so this is a sign that you need to reduce the intensity of the exercises that you are doing. Increasing the calorific intake may be necessary in some instances.

This will depend on the kind of physical activity one is involved in. It also applies for HCG dieters who are involved in doing heavy work on a daily basis. The calorific intake may be increased to 700, 1000 or 1250 calories daily. To increase the supply of calories, carbohydrates should not be used. Protein foods are the recommended sources of these extra calories.

Another very important thing to do if you exercise is to replace the electrolytes. These are the ions that are responsible for maintaining several critical activities in the body. The electrolyte balance can be offset by taking too much water.

The HCG diet advocates for taking at least 2 litres of water a day and the sweating associated with exercising may increase the water demands even more.

So, how can you replenish the body’s supply of electrolytes? Add some salt, squeeze some lemon or orange juice and mix with a glass of water as you take it.

Exercising after the HCG Phase

The HCG phase is the critical phase of the HCG diet but it is not the only one. It is the second phase and after it are two more. During the last two phases taking the best HCG drops needs to be halted and the daily calorific intake increased gradually. These phases are the stabilization and maintenance phases.

Should you exercise during these phases?

During the stabilization phase it is good to exercise so as to build stamina, increase confidence and maintain the new weight. During this phase however, keep the intensity of the exercises low to avoid over exerting the body.

Remember that during this time the body is undergoing several changes and you do not want to stress it too much with lots of exercise. During the maintenance phase or the rest of your life after the HCG diet, you can exercise as much as you want.

Remember that exercising is very important for maintaining a healthy weight and a general state of health. However, proceed with moderation only advancing your exercises slowly. Do not go from zero to hero.

Now you have the answer on whether you should exercise while on the HCG diet. It is important to note that exercising is an important activity that can affect one’s health. For this reason it is best to consult with a physician before starting any exercising routines. Also, talk to your GP before you start using the best HCG drops for weight loss.

How to Find Best HCG Drops

The HCG drops are considered to be beneficial in the fast-track weight loss techniques that have permanent results as they are thought to have a triggering effect in resetting the hypothalamus so that the latter keeps the weight at a certain level. The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormones are naturally produced in pregnant women. The use of this hormone has brought good results as far as the weight loss and inches loss passions are concerned.

Although FDA or other health organizations still warn public against their use yet many people around the globe are using them with happy results. The drops are also available in the form of injections, but due to more and rapid side effects of the injections, the doctor and the users mostly prefer HCG diet drops. Another point that may go in their favor is that they provide the users an easy and cheap way of removing the most stubborn fat from around their lower abdomen where even the most intense exercises will not work.

The diet drops are easily found when you search them through the World Wide Web and then you may purchase them through your credit card or any other payment mode that you may employ in this regard. You also have to make it certain that the HCG drops that you intend to purchase are manufactured by an authentic and well-reputed company. There are numerous online companies that claim to have manufactured best HCG drops, but you must use your commonsense while buying them.

You must, first of all, read the ingredients and the other important things about them before you buy HCG drops. This way, things will be certain for you and the drops you get will be of high quality.

You must surf the internet thoroughly and consider the following important things about the drops:

* Their overall rating

* Appetite control

* Protection against side-effects

* Fat consuming power

* Permanence in inches and pounds lost

* Reviews of the previous customers

* Longer lasting results

* Money back guarantee (100%)

* Minimum side effects

* Minimum price

* No delivery charges

* Shows increase in metabolism

Merchants Selling BEST HCG DROPS

Below you will find a list of merchants selling 100% pure HCG Drops. Alternatively, you can visit this site

HCG Triumph

Gives a superb site brimming with data and clear bearings to help calorie counters be fruitful in their endeavors. The drops are included an HCG and homeopathic equation that is said to give fast weight reduction. Health food nuts can pick the drops that best meets their weight reduction objectives. Reasonable evaluating, free dispatching, online formulas and more make this our most noteworthy appraised item.

Simple HCG

Simple HCG is an incredible place to begin your HCG eat fewer carbs. With quality fixings, a perfect assembling process, well-disposed support, a simple eating regimen arrange, and a solid merchandise exchange, they acquire high stamps.


Official HCG Drops are a homeopathic recipe utilized three times each day to help with quick weight reduction. Calorie counters may browse distinctive jug sizes relying upon how much weight they need to lose. The drops additionally accompany an eating routine arrangement and formulas alongside an exceptionally instructive site to help with the weight reduction exertion.

Thus, the effectiveness of these drops cannot be denied in the efforts to lose inches or weight. Although the hormonal use is not allowed on large scale basis yet, there are many people who would use them without any fear in this regard.

People have tried different weight loss products to no avail, and this problem has motivated health specialists to look for a truly effective cure. This has prompted researchers to go back to the HCG diet formulated by Dr. Simeon in the 1950s. As a result, patients are currently being advised to buy best HCG drops to effectively achieve weight loss. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural supplement that stimulates the mobilization of the abnormal fats in the body. Previously, the form of homeopathic HCG used was injections but now many people, especially the needle phobic, prefer to buy HCG drops.

Doctors advise overweight and obese patients to buy HCG supplements to help curb appetite. What one may wonder then is if the little quantities of diet food can meet the energy requirements of the body. Energy for the body comes from the calories produced by burning the excess fats stored in the body. When you buy HCG drops and use them you stimulate the hypothalamus gland which is the organ responsible for fat storage in the body. In its heightened state, this gland mobilizes the fats which are then burnt to produce energy. Simultaneously you thereby lose weight.

By choosing to buy HCG supplements one is opting for a weight loss solution that is side effect free. This is because HCG is a product that naturally occurs in the body. Other weight loss products are known to cause nausea, headaches, and diarrhea among other side effects because the body is trying to adjust to the new compounds it knows none of. Further, when you buy HCG drops for your diet, you won’t need exercises regimens to optimize the weight loss process. Also, HCG works in the areas unaffected by exercises thus giving you a well-toned body.

Whether you shop online or at your favorite store, you are sure to find very many HCG products. How do you know which one is the best? This is one reason why many choose to buy HCG drops online because they can easily do some research to obtain the most effective product and at a fair price at that. People should also choose to buy HCG supplements that provide extra minerals and vitamins which will be very helpful to the body since weight loss diets cannot contain all the crucial elements required and as such these extras will supplement the missing nutrients.

Despite all controversies, you may have heard about these supplements you will still obtain the same results as those of the injectable HCG when you buy HCG drops. Furthermore, these sublingual drops are easy to use, are alcohol-free and have no bitter taste.

Many are dreading but at the same time suffering from obesity. It is estimated that 6 out of 10 people are obese. With this, diet fads became the center of attention of many. People who are already disappointed with their shapes try each and every new diet supplement or program that comes out.

For safe and effective diet regimen, proper protocols are to be followed. A Dr Simeons introduced a diet program that uses HCG hormones. The Simeons Theory is to increase the body’s metabolism through a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a natural hormone that the placenta of a pregnant woman secretes, enhancing the endocrine functions.

The individual is going to crave less and less as the hypothalamus is being reset. To achieve the trim and beautiful body figure, certain dieting instructions are followed accordingly. Phases of dieting process are involved which also are composed of varying instructions per phase. Changing the normal calorie intake and the speed of the fat burning process is the goal of the program.

The ultimate calorie requirement in an HCG diet program is only 500 per day. The dieter must follow it everyday with the aid of HCG. The last phase of the diet program is the maintenance phase that allows the dieter to discipline and motivate self to adopt the new normal calorie intake in order to keep the new weight for a long time and not gaining the old back.

There are two types of HCG diet application: they are the injectable HCG and HCG drops. Most dieters ask which one is the best. Well, there is really no recorded differences with the results between injectable HCG or HCG drops. The most noted difference is only the price of the diet kits. Oral drops are definitely cheaper compared to injectable. HCG shots are given only once but can be self-administered. Most using injectable HCGs need to go on regular clinic visits that can definitely increase the cost of the diet program.

HCG drops are to be taken sub-lingual and up to six times daily. The dieter must have the right self-discipline in order to religiously take the drops needed per day. Also, most people do not like needles at all. It can increase anxiety that is why sub-lingual drops are much preferred by many dieters.

Things You Need to Know About HCG Diet Protocol

There’s a lot of media hype surrounding the hCG diet and hCG drops weight loss phenomenon, but with a great number of inconsistent experiences and also fraudulent solutions out there, it’s almost impossible to discover if hcg drops are perfect for you.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

HCG is a bodily hormone present in the systems of all men and women, although is most often found in high amounts in mothers-to-be throughout their initial 13 wks of pregnancy. During this time period, it is important that the developing unborn child receives plenty of sustenance to be able to get bigger and remain healthy — in case a mom is not consuming enough, the hcg contained in her system tells the metabolism to release her stashed excess fat to give the little one inside her. This comparable fat-burning outcome likewise performs whenever overweight consumers consume hCG diet drops or hcg shots to shed pounds.

Burn One to Two Lbs of Unwanted Fat Daily with hCG

With global weight problems rapidly growing, you’ll find it astounding to consider that there’s a product out there that will help users to reduce 1-2 pounds of unwanted weight daily…without physical exercise. But as impressive as this may appear, this looks to be completely accurate. Anytime hCG drops or hCG injections are consumed in conjunction with a stringent hcg diet protocol, people are dropping an average of one to two lbs on a daily basis. While the diet program does drastically reduce the amount and types of food items you happen to be permitted to eat, the end result is simply definitely worth the effort.

The 500 Calorie hCG Diet

The hcg diet plan is comprised of 3 levels that if used mindfully and joined with hcg, can help consumers burn as much as eighty pounds inside of 40 days. Hcg diet drops or injections users are instructed to go along with either a twenty one or forty day hcg weight loss diet (determined by simply how much weight they have to drop) during which they are simply allowed to ingest around five hundred calories each day. But even though 500 calories appears like not enough to live on, you will be astounded to learn that individuals tend not to feel famished or worn-out at all, and are essentially getting plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep healthy. If the five hundred calorie weight loss plan were performed without hcg diet drops, the metabolism would close down and enter into ketosis, but considering that the hCG is actively burning off unwanted fat during the weight loss diet, the body is really getting thousands of calories each and every day, not only five hundred as it can seem to be.

Hcg diet drops vs. Shots

Are hCG drops as effective as injections? While it is a widespread grounds for controversy, it seems that homeopathic hcg diet drops are equally as effective as hCG shots for losing weight. While they do not require a doctor’s prescription and cost a great deal less, hcg diet drops provoke the exact same fat-burning outcome in the brain as hCG injections do — and also they cause the same amount of weight lost. But be aware: Don’t assume all Hcg diet drops ARE CREATED EQUAL. Before you buy hcg diet drops verify that you are buying:

  • from a reputable seller
  • a product devoid of other added in components
  • real homeopathic hcg diet drops

500 Calorie Diet Protocol

With a huge amount of hype all around the incredibly well-liked hcg diet protocol, a large number of thoughts have occured relating to the results of hcg drops to lose weight plus the demands of the hcg diet protocol to drop the weight. Fact of the matter is that although hcg weight loss drops are quite effective for rapid fat reduction, the 500 calorie hcg diet protocol is necessary to get maximal final results. Simply by diligently sticking to the hcg diet protocol regulations here, it is possible to make sure you will get rid of 1-2 lbs of excess fat every single day using hcg diet drops.

HCG Diet Rules

Rule of thumb 1 Do not buy hcg drops with Put in Substances: A lot of companies deliver “boosted” hcg drops that include an assortment of chemicals within their hcg solution. hcg weight loss drops are so effective alone these added substances are not required and happen to be additives to water down the quantity of real homeopathic hcg within the product. It’s possible you’ll hear businesses propose that these types of extra materials help make their hcg weight loss drops stronger, but this is simply false. The perfect hCG contains no other additional ingredients, only 100% homeopathic hCG. (Please note: hcg diet drops can add a preservative.)

Rule Two Keep to the Original 500 Calorie hCG Diet: So that you can boost revenue and con shoppers, many hcg weight loss companies are recommending simpler and much less limited hCG diets. They’re saying that you’ll nonetheless remove 1 to 2 pounds of unwanted fat every single day, but nonetheless be able to feed on 1,000+ calories. Don’t Be seduced by This kind of Con. HCG just works if a extremely low calorie diet plan is implemented — this means that you need to carefully stick to the original weight loss plan to notice results. In the event the body just isn’t obtaining adequate food, the hcg drops alert the metabolism to eliminate excessive fat stores. As soon as lots of calories are ingested, the fat burning reflex will not be induced.

Tip 3 Take in Precisely the Permitted Food products: So that you can stay healthy during the hcg diet, it is important to exclusively eat the food items approved by the original 500 very-low calorie diet. The veggies, fruits, proteins and breads authorized on the hcg diet plan were picked not simply since they are lower calories, but due to the nutritional value they offer. Numerous hcg diet drops merchants now are putting in their very own hCG food items to the diet, but adding these additional food products might stall or even totally end your fat loss. To get rid of 1 to 2 pounds each and every day using hcg weight loss drops, you should always be feeding on just the originally-permitted foods in the correct portion sizes.

Along with adhering to these rules, there are some several other factors that you can do to enhance your hCG fat reduction. Be sure you weigh yourself each morning to help keep tabs on how well you’re progressing. When you view success on a daily basis, it is easy to continue to be motivated through the 21 to 40 days of the hcg diet plan. Furthermore, don’t forget to continue to keep a food items diary. Many people learn that selected diet-okayed food items hault their weight loss. If eating an individual food makes you shed less weight, then use a different selection from the food list. For more information, you are able to sign up for an hCG blog — browsing content and other hcg dieters’ results is a good way to find support and become well informed.

Will HCG work for You?

With extraordinary weight-loss results of 1-2 lbs each day, it is no wonder that the hGC diet protocol is currently one of the many most widely used fat loss programs located in America. Whether you select to buy hGC diet drops or hGC shots, if you are able to cautiously keep to the hGC weight loss plan, it definitely will lower your body weight. You need to incorporate your hGC with a twenty one or forty day long weight loss protocol that requires you to definitely control the total amount and also choices of meals you eat while limiting any sort of arduous training. Staying on a reduced caloried with loss program might sound tough at first, although can be pretty simple to follow whenever you view evident weight reduction outcomes on a daily basis.

ALERT: Don’t attempt the hGC weight loss plan without taking hGC weight loss drops or hGC shots! If the diet program is carried out alone, your metabolism will close down — the hGC is needed to burn off fat to feed your body whilst trying to keep you filled with energy and also stopping craving for food.

hGC Versus hCG — Which one is it?

The hGC we have been speaking about is really “hCG,” an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a bodily hormone included in all people today, but evident in huge quantities in the physiques of pregnant women. Any time a female is expecting, but isn’t taking in adequate food items to feed her baby, hCG indicates to the brain to release her stored excess fat to deliver nutrition. This exact same outcome transpires any time hCG is coupled with the hcg diet protocol for weight reduction.

Must I order hcg diet drops or hCG injections?

Homeopathic hcg drops and hcg injections are evenly powerful for losing weight, yet hcg diet drops don’t cost as much and never call for a Doctor’s prescription. But be aware when selecting hcg diet drops — you will not want an item manufactured with alternative ingredients or is less than a two ounce supply.

No matter if you refer to it as hGC or hCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin will help you shed an average of 1-2 lbs of extra fat per day. Simply take it easy, utilize the hGC, continue with the eating plan and view the numbers on the scale decline — it is really that easy!

Common Mistakes in HCG Diet

It is highly well-accepted that the normal fat loss on the hCG weight loss plan is somewhere between one to two lbs a day with everyone getting rid of at a minimum ½ pound each day. Nevertheless with these types of great outcomes, how come many people battle to attain these types of effects? The simple answer is — they are implementing an hCG dieting slip-up. Here we explain many of the very most prevalent hCG weight loss protocol mistakes that can induce weight reduction pauses, starvation or even a lessening of fat burning altogether.

Common hCG Diet Mistakes

1. Preparing Food using Oil: To be able to get rid of a fantastic amount of fat using hCG drops for weight loss, it is essential to keep fat as well as sugar intake as small as possible. Lots of individuals eat the appropriate food items in the right portions, though do not recognize that the Pam or oil they’re utilizing during preparation is preventing their weight-loss.

2. Drinking Diet Soda and Tea: The sole sugar substitutes acceptable while performing the hCG weight loss protocol are Stevia and Saccharin — sucralose, Splenda and the like are a no-no and would induce cravings for food. The sole drinks approved for the hCG diet include water, black coffee as well as tea (from the teabag).

3. Passing Up Phase 1: The first phase is a critical section of the hCG diet protocol and is particularly crucial during the first week of phase two. Should you not take in an adequate amount of fat in the course of the first phase, you may seem hungry and even weary — this normally causes crankiness and also cheating during the first seven days of the program.

4. Failing to Consume a Sufficient Amount of Water: For the most powerful outcomes, you need to be consuming no less than two qts water daily while you’re on the hCG phases. Whenever you do not ingest a sufficient quantity of water, it’s much harder for the body to process fat which ends up in fewer weight shed each day.

5. Sleeping Under Eight Hours Per Night: Obtaining abundant sleeping during the hCG diet protocol is significant. Ensure that you do not stay up late and you get yourself sufficient slumber to enhance your fat reduction.

If you don’t adhere to the hCG diet plan accurately, you face the following risks:

  • Pigging out: If you take pleasure in way too many calories when consuming hCG drops for weight loss, the hCG won’t trigger the brain to push out stored body fat. This will trigger little weight loss.


  • Not Wanting To Eat the Correct Food Products: The hCG weight loss diet-approved meals are authorized not just because they are low in calories and fat, but a result of the nutrients they offer. For those who don’t receive plenty of nutrition if on the hCG weight loss protocol, perhaps you may begin to feel famished and weary — apparent indications that the body is stressed.


  • Using Up A Great Number Of Calories: A hugely neglected part of the hCG diet protocol, limiting workouts is a crucial factor when attempting to lose the weight with hCG drops for weight loss. Working out really should be restricted given that you are taking in very few calories — when you get excessive physical exercise, you will definitely seem sluggish and also hungrier than usual and may even drop lean body mass.

Guide to Succeed On the HCG Diet

You’ve probably read that the hCG weight loss plan will allow you to shed one to two lbs a day…without exercise, nonetheless eventually eliminating those persistent fats will take more than implementing hCG drops for weight loss alone — burning fat with hCG usually requires users to stick to a rigid 500 calorie diet for 21-40 days. Even though this hCG diet plan does seem hard, the results are surely worth the hard work. Different from other sorts of weight-loss strategies, the hCG weight loss plan will provide you with remarkable outcomes on a daily basis — when you see the effort you put in be worthwhile daily, it is possible to stay commited and also go on to weight-loss successfulness.

HCG Diet Guide

If you’re willing to start on your slimming trip, we’ve made a brief guide to help lead you on the way:

Unquestionably the key area of reducing weight with hCG drops for weight loss is the hCG diet plan itself. Ensure you undoubtedly comprehend the hCG phases in advance of starting phase I — even a tiny oversight on the hCG diet protocol could stop or cease fat loss. Furthermore, be certain to maintain a detailed food items record including the liquids, foods, seasonings, preparations and also cosmetics you use daily. In case you don’t observe effects, this helps hCG weight loss drops assistance advisors figure out any blunders you have executed. (The hCG diet really works for everyone. If you do not observe results, you’re perhaps using a replica hCG drops product or carrying out a significant fault.)

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to keep to the hCG weight loss plan when you notice steady outcomes. By weighing yourself each morning and recording the effects you have a constant reminder that your efforts are worth it. This data is likewise a terrific way to prevent any cheating. At any time you start yearning for a non-hCG diet plan-okayed food item, review your food items diary and see just how far you’ve already come — one minor pleasure could damage the effort you’ve previously expended.

*Notice: Losing fat utilizing hCG entails both the hCG diet plan together with either hCG drops or hCG shots. If you don’t use legitimate hCG, you will pressure your metabolism into hunger mode and may ruin your metabolism.

HCG Food List

These are the original and most effective foods to eat while on the hCG diet. Follow the hCG food guidelines precisely for the best results with your hCG drops.

HCG Diet Phase II Food Options

Two 100 Gram Servings of Protein / Day

Options Include:

  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef
  • White Fish (Tilapia, Halibut)
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Shrimp
  • Veal

Two Servings / Day

Options Include:

  • Green Salad
  • Beet Greens
  • Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Asparagus
  • Chicory
  • Chard
  • Fennel
  • Red Radishes
  • Tomato
  • Onion

2 Servings of Bread / Day

Options Include:

  • 1 slice of Melba toast
  • 1 Grissini Breadstick

Two Servings of Fruit / Day

Options Include:

  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Handful of Strawberries
  • ½ Grapefruit

Unlimited Beverages

  • Black Coffee
  • Tea
  • Water (Preferably Distilled Water)M
  • Sparkling Water (Mineral)

Unlimited Spices, Seasonings and Sweeteners

Options Include:

  • You can use any spices that do not contain sugar.
  • You can use ONLY Stevia and Saccharin as sweeteners.
  • Only gum made with xylitol is permitted.

HCG Phases

The 500 Calorie hCG diet consists of 4 phases to maximize your weight loss with hCGinjections or hCG diet drops.

The 4 Phases of the hCG Diet

Phase 1: The Loading Phase — Lasts 2 Days

  • You start off your hCG diet by consuming as much fat and as many calories as you can. This stage is important because it prepares your body for the low-calorie stage of the hCG diet.

Phase 2: The Maintenance Phase — Lasts 21- 40 Days

  • During this phase you restrict your caloric intake and eat only the foods and portion sizes permitted.

Phase 3: The Stabilization Phase — Lasts 21 Days

  • This is the phase where you discontinue taking your hCG and begin to slowly increase your calorie intake.

Phase 4: Make Sure You Keep the Weight Off

  • Now that your metabolism is reset and you are down to your desired weight it is important to stay healthy and prevent future weight gain. If you gain 2 pounds you should immediately perform a steak day.