HCG Phases

The 500 Calorie hCG diet consists of 4 phases to maximize your weight loss with hCGinjections or hCG diet drops.

The 4 Phases of the hCG Diet

Phase 1: The Loading Phase — Lasts 2 Days

  • You start off your hCG diet by consuming as much fat and as many calories as you can. This stage is important because it prepares your body for the low-calorie stage of the hCG diet.

Phase 2: The Maintenance Phase — Lasts 21- 40 Days

  • During this phase you restrict your caloric intake and eat only the foods and portion sizes permitted.

Phase 3: The Stabilization Phase — Lasts 21 Days

  • This is the phase where you discontinue taking your hCG and begin to slowly increase your calorie intake.

Phase 4: Make Sure You Keep the Weight Off

  • Now that your metabolism is reset and you are down to your desired weight it is important to stay healthy and prevent future weight gain. If you gain 2 pounds you should immediately perform a steak day.