Should You Exercise While on the HCG Diet?

Losing weight can be done through many ways. This can be either a method that reduces amount or calories taken in or a method that burns the calories already taken.

Good examples of these methods are HCG diet and exercise respectively. What about combining them? Should you exercise while you take the best HCG drops?

Here is a comprehensive look at this subject.

To exercise or not to exercise?

One of the promises of HCG diet is that one can lose weight with little or no exercise. This is why this diet is loved by people who detest physical activity. While some of the best drops used in the diet do deliver splendid results even without exercise, it is not to mean that one should not exercise while on the diet.

Dr. Simeons who can be called the father of the HCG diet recommended light exercises like biking and walking. According to him, vigorous exercises will lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. Though this may sound paradoxical, he explained that over-exertion in form of physical activity in people who are not well trained will lead to weight gain the next day after the activity.

Additional calories burned during the activity will not be eliminated well due to water retention and these are returned to the body stores. The muscle mass may be lost instead of fats which causes a decrease in the level of metabolism and hence slower weight loss.

Many proponents of the use of best HCG drops for weight loss nowadays recommend exercising but not vigorous. This is particularly very important during the HCG phase in which intake of the best HCG drops is coupled with a 500 calorie diet.

This is quite low calorific intake and it may not be enough to support the rigorous exercises. Also, vigorous physical activity increased hunger. This is because more energy is needed to fuel these exercises and the 500 calories plus the 1500 or so burned by the HCG may not be enough. These hunger pangs can force the dieter to deviate from the recommended diet. This will cause weight gain. Also, with exercise comes fatigue.

Fatigue is also associated with low calorific intake hence vigorous exercises combined with best HCG drops will lead to more fatigue. This can really affect a person’s way of life.

Recommended Exercises

Light exercises are recommended for all people on the HCG phase of the HCG diet. Some of the exercises that those using the best HCG drops can do include walking, yoga, cycling, swimming and lawn mowing.

If you already used to exercise before the exercise some exercises you can try include jogging, snow shovelling and other medium intensity workouts. High intensity workouts however should never be done.

These include triathlon, running, heavy weight training In some instances (not all) people who exercise while on the HCG diet tend to lose weight faster. However, they must only do the exercises that are recommended or else they will be seeing results at a slower rate. Some may even not lose weight at all. So be very careful.

What to do when you decide to exercise?

So you have decided that you will be doing mild exercises? Here are some things to do for best results. The first is to start small. Start with short exercises and monitoring how you feel. If you feel good then go on with the exercises but if you feel terrible while at it stop exercising.

What about after the exercise? Do you feel excessively hungry or fatigued? If so this is a sign that you need to reduce the intensity of the exercises that you are doing. Increasing the calorific intake may be necessary in some instances.

This will depend on the kind of physical activity one is involved in. It also applies for HCG dieters who are involved in doing heavy work on a daily basis. The calorific intake may be increased to 700, 1000 or 1250 calories daily. To increase the supply of calories, carbohydrates should not be used. Protein foods are the recommended sources of these extra calories.

Another very important thing to do if you exercise is to replace the electrolytes. These are the ions that are responsible for maintaining several critical activities in the body. The electrolyte balance can be offset by taking too much water.

The HCG diet advocates for taking at least 2 litres of water a day and the sweating associated with exercising may increase the water demands even more.

So, how can you replenish the body’s supply of electrolytes? Add some salt, squeeze some lemon or orange juice and mix with a glass of water as you take it.

Exercising after the HCG Phase

The HCG phase is the critical phase of the HCG diet but it is not the only one. It is the second phase and after it are two more. During the last two phases taking the best HCG drops needs to be halted and the daily calorific intake increased gradually. These phases are the stabilization and maintenance phases.

Should you exercise during these phases?

During the stabilization phase it is good to exercise so as to build stamina, increase confidence and maintain the new weight. During this phase however, keep the intensity of the exercises low to avoid over exerting the body.

Remember that during this time the body is undergoing several changes and you do not want to stress it too much with lots of exercise. During the maintenance phase or the rest of your life after the HCG diet, you can exercise as much as you want.

Remember that exercising is very important for maintaining a healthy weight and a general state of health. However, proceed with moderation only advancing your exercises slowly. Do not go from zero to hero.

Now you have the answer on whether you should exercise while on the HCG diet. It is important to note that exercising is an important activity that can affect one’s health. For this reason it is best to consult with a physician before starting any exercising routines. Also, talk to your GP before you start using the best HCG drops for weight loss.