Where to Buy HCG

Where To Buy hCG

Once you’ve decided that hCG is for you, it is important to make sure you are well educated about your different product options. While hCG injections are extremely effective, hCG diet drops are easily a better alternative. Not only do they work just as well, but they are painless, do not require a prescription and are FAR less expensive.

Buy HCG Drops

That being said, not all hCG diet drops are created equally. Make sure the retailer you are buying from is knowledgeable about HCG and backs up their products with a strong guarantee.

Order hCG diet drops.
When you buy hCG, make sure you are purchasing a 2 oz bottle that is a 30 day supply. Any well-respected seller knows you need to take hCG for 21-40 days for maximum results. A retailer that offers you less than this is trying to rip you off. Also be sure to buy hCG from a merchant that can provide you with a detailed and easy-to-understand description of the 500 Calorie hCG Diet. If you do not fully understand the diet, you will likely struggle losing weight with hCG.